Thousands of property owners, businesses, and fisherman have been devastated by the damage caused by the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The explosion aboard the Deep Water Horizon drilling platform on April 20, 2010 has created a legacy of destruction. This spill occurred as a result of the negligence on the part of BP and the other entities responsible for operating the rig which exploded in the Gulf. This has become the greatest oil disaster in American history, eclipsing the Exxon Valdez.

Those responsible for this spill will be held responsible for the damages they caused and they must be made to fully compensate all those who have been hurt by what has happened. BP and the other responsible companies must make full and prompt payments to every single person whose property or business was damaged, and pay full damages to all victims.

BP was negligent by failing to install a $500,000 safety device that would have avoided the oil spill which occurred following the explosion. For a company which earned nearly 22 billion dollars in profits in 2008, this is unbelievably negligent behavior. Other potentially responsible companies include Transocean, LTD, Transocean Offshore Deepwater, Inc., Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. Each of these companies will be held responsible for its own acts of negligence leading up to the disaster.

We provide legal services to people and businesses injured by this disaster, including waterfront property owners who have suffered from a loss of rental activity on their property due to the explosion, a decline in the value of their property, or damage to business as a result of the explosion.

We provide free consultation regarding these claims and are representing clients on a contingency fee basis. There is no charge to call to get representation on your claim for damage caused by the BP Oil spill.

We currently represent a number of waterfront property owners who have damaged by the spill and are happy to assist others with collecting full compensation for their damages from this oil spill. At present, there is an ongoing concern as to the length of time for which these damages will continue. We expect this matter to be continuing for a significant period of time.


Get Your Rightful BP Claims Paid

In light of the horrible oil spill that has been plaguing the Gulf of Mexico and other nearby areas, the federal government has determined that BP will be liable for damages caused by the BP oil spill. This declaration is held on the strength of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, among other laws. These laws are safeguards to maintain accountability of these gigantic oil companies. Due to the extensive reach of the damages and their far-reaching consequences, there is bound to be an overwhelming number of BP claims. This huge number of claims alone, barring any possible foul play, will pose a very high hurdle to the claimants in their efforts to get what is due them. This is one of the reasons why President Obama himself feels like the handling of these claims should be done by an independent entity.

Today, the claims are still being processed by BP itself. BP has set up many channels to expedite the process which is, needless to say, taking so much longer than usual, again, because of the sheer number of claims that are being set against the company all at once. Claims can be filed through the internet, through the phone and through mail. Correspondence channels like telephony, fax, and email are being maximized to speed up the processes and minimize further inconvenience to both claimants and the company.

The extent of BP’s liability is clearly expressed in the law. As per the Oil Pollution Act, the company shall pay BP claims for oil removal and clean-up costs, property damage, loss of income, net lost government revenue, net lost earning capacity, cost of increased public services, and damages to natural resources. In addition, BP has agreed to make interim payments to claimants who are not receiving their regular income while BP is cleaning up the muddled Gulf of Mexico.

Looking at the breakdown of BP’s liability, you can see that BP will end up owing enormous amounts to the Government and the individual civilians who were or are directly affected. This poses another hindrance for the private citizens who stake claim. The under all legal systems worldwide, the general rule is that the government’s claims shall be satisfied first before others. Seeing the amounts that BP is bound to shell out, it can be years and years before anyone can see any money. This is why every claimant has to make sure that he is guided by a capableoil spill lawyer.

If you are, unfortunately, one of the affected people you should be prepared and informed. You should know what your options are and which course of action is wisest to take. Enlist the help of a competent BP claims lawyer who will act in your behalf and protect your interests. The counsel’s services are not only necessary when you choose to press charges. They are also essential if you choose to settle. In fact, it is when you settle that you most need counsel’s services because it is at that point that you will be most vulnerable to being duped.


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